Our Philosophy

Love Eat Local provides locally sourced and inspired meals delivered to your door.  We source our produce from over 20 different farms across Georgia and the southeast and support other small business bakers, fermenters and nut-makers.  

Please note that the ingredients are subject to change based on availability.  We shop continuously throughout the week at various farmer’s markets, including: Freedom Park Farmer’s Market, Peachtree Road, Morningside, Westside, and East Atlanta Village. Supplemental produce is bought organic, typically at Dekalb and Buford Highway Farmer’s Markets.  

Our goal with Meal Delivery is to deliver fresh, local and healthy meals to the Atlanta community.  Therefore, we avoid red meat and dairy.  We will not fry your fish tacos, rather bake them.  We steer clear of preservatives, making our own bread, pasta, sauces, vinaigrettes, stocks, marinara, etc.  We will strive for continuing education on canning, fermenting, cooking techniques, farming, composting and wasting less.  This is a lifestyle, after all.

We are thrilled to announce that Love Eat Local partnered with Georgia State University Dietetics Program in 2015. Now we have experts-in-the-making helping with recipe development and nutrition information.  Our meals are packed with nutrients and we intend for each and every meal to be healthy and well balanced.

How Meal Delivery Works

Every Wednesday, we will release our menu for the following week. We cook and deliver three meals each Monday and three meals each Wednesday.  We always offer juices, smoothies, granola, etc. so be sure to check out the rotating and seasonal store. 

What to Expect From Us

Deliveries typically take place between 1-4 pm on delivery days, however Atlanta traffic can change plans easily. While driving, meals are kept in coolers on ice.  Your meals will come in compostable and biodegradable containers and recycled glass containers. Everything will be labeled for your convenience.  Information about the meals include farms featured in this week’s delivery and reheating and serving instructions.  

What We Expect From You

In case there is nobody home during the time of delivery, it is your responsibility to leave a cooler with ice packs ready for your meal.  This is especially important in the summertime.  We appreciate your understanding.

What Else We Expect From You

Technicalities aside, we expect to hear from you about our food, especially at times when it doesn’t meet your standards.  If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please help us become better by sharing your thoughts.

Love Eat Local is all about eating responsibly.  If you happen to have leftovers, feed them to a friend or neighbor, or save them to consume the following day.  Please think twice before you put leftovers in the trash.

Payment Options

Our default payment method is Credit Card through your online order.

If you choose to pay with cash or check or Venmo, your order must be placed through e-mail, or through the Offline Orders link in the Meal Delivery page. In this case, let us know your choice of meals for Monday and Wednesday, as well as the quantity and choice of animal protein (if applicable). You will receive an invoice once order is confirmed.

Delivery Area

Our Meal Delivery service is currently available around the Atlanta area (see map below). We are always willing to deliver outside of this area for a small delivery fee.